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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Phone Watch  

Mobile Phone Watches are a new technological advancement in the timepiece and telecommunications world alike. No-more are these devices confined to the realms of Dick Tracy or Captain Kirk! As with any new breed of technology, you are bound to have questions and concerns - like how this technology works, what is/isn't compatible and so on.

Well, here at Mobile Phone Watches UK, we want our customers to be completely satisfied that our products will perform as you expect and to answer any questions that you might have before purchasing.

Questions and Answers

Q. What really are mobile phone watches?
A. The straight-forward answer - is that they are just that! A regular wristwatch - with a built in mobile phone! For years we have seen the likes of MP3 player wristwatches, but recently we've seen more technology being crammed into the humble wristwatch. Mobile phone functionality in watches is the next generation.
Q. Wow! That's fantastic! So what else can your watches do?
A. Aside from being a timekeeping device and a mobile phone - our watches have bags of other functionality crammed in! Features vary between models but common across most of the range you'll find bluetooth connectivity, built in microphone and (stereo) speakers, a touch screen interface, unlocked for any SIM-card usage, text-messaging and more! Other features usually include a built-in camera (video and still), FM radio, waterproof, SD-Card storage, dual SIM card slots, internet browser, MP3 player, video player, dictation/sound recorder, calendar/personal organiser, to-do list, games, email client - and more!
Q. Wait a minute. SIM-card unlocked?
A. That's right! All of our mobile phones can be used with any mobile phone operator, on any network that supports GSM - Pay As You Go or Contract! Simply remove your SIM card from your existing phone and place it in our mobile phone watch - it really is that easy!

Our mobile phone watches work with O2! Our mobile phone watches work with Orange! Our mobile phone watches work with Tesco Mobile!
Our mobile phone watches work with T-Mobile! Our mobile phone watches work with Virgin Mobile! Our mobile phone watches work with Vodafone!
Please note, however, that whilst our mobiles are unlocked for use with any network - they currently will not work on the 'Three' network. Unfortunately, this is due to 3 only supporting the 3G network (over which we have no control). Also please note that if you moving away from a phone that only uses 3G (for instance, the iPhone, HTC, etc) - then you may need to request a replacement (GSM only) SIM card from your network provider.
Q. Are mobile phone watches bulky?
A. Not really! However, some are ever so slightly bigger than your regular slimline sports watches. Each product has it's dimensions listed on it's product information page to show it's size. On an average build person - these don't look out of place at all! Thin/Slim build individuals may want to try one of our thinner watches (like this one)
Q. So how do I make and recieve calls?
A. All of our watches come bundled with a Bluetooth headset. You can either make and recieve calls through this - or (if you would like to show off your new aquisition a little) you can use the in-built speakers and microphone! Dialing numbers is achieved through the touchscreen interface or (depending on the model) through the keypad built into the wrist-strap.
Q. I notice that some of your models can use Dual SIM cards. What use is this?
A. Good question! Say for instance you have a mobile phone for use for business purposes - and a mobile phone for personal use. Carrying around two phones is cumbersome to say the least - so our Dual SIM card mobile phone watches will allow you to use BOTH SIM cards in the same watch! Depending on the model, an indicator will show you which SIM card is in use and recieving a call!
Q. Do I have to be without my watch whilst it's charging?
A. Not at all! Most of our models ship with two batteries and a separate charging unit. This means that you can either take your watch off to charge when it's not in use - or, alternatively, keep the spare battery in the charging unit and simply switch over the batteries when the one in your watch is running low.
Q. Cool! I want one now! How quickly can you get my order to me?
A. All of our orders are sent through a registered and fully tracked courier. Once your order has been despatched, you'll recieve a unique tracking reference number which will enable you to track your package from our warehouse to your front door. For mainland UK, all orders booked before midday will be despatched to arrive between 9am and 5pm the next working day. Orders placed after midday will arrive in 48 hours time. Orders to Europe will usually take 1-3 working days. However, if time is a factor for your order, please be sure to check stock levels before you place your order as this may effect delivery times. Stock levels can be found at the bottom of the products information page.

TNT DHL - Delivered by registered courier to your door

Q. What kind of warranty do you offer?
A. Unlike some other providers, we believe in the quality of our products. So much so that we offer a twelve months warranty from date of purchase on all of our mobile phone watches against manufacturing defects and materials. Please note that this does not cover adoes not cover accidental damage, misuse, everyday wear and tear (scratches, knocks, etc), improper care or alteration and also excludes claims for incidental or consequential loss.
Q. I've lost my stylus/bluetooth headset/MicroSD card! Can you help!
A. Sure! We've got an entire section devoted to accessories and spare parts for your mobile phone watch. They include spare parts (like stylus', batteries, etc) - but we also stock accessories like USB card readers, MicroSD adapters, wall chargers and more! Click here to check out the Spares and Accessories section now!
Q. I've been stung by duty and tax from other retailers. Do you charge any of this?
A. Absolutely not! We are a registered UK based limited company. If you are also in the UK - you will not pay any tax, duty or excise!
Q. I've found a similar watch (on eBay/on a market/elsewhere) for a lesser price!
A. We constantly check our prices to remain competitive but have also set them on our website to reflect the product and the service you recieve from us. You're more than welcome to purchase from other retailers - but please be sure that you are comparing like-for-like. Does the other retailer ship from abroad? If so, you will probably be liable for import duty and taxes! Also, you might not be covered under the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 (as these only protect you on purchases made in Europe) and may not be able to return the item if you are not satisfied with your purchase! Do they offer any kind of warranty? If not, then your investment might be useless if it breaks in a few months time! As above, we offer a full 12 months warranty with our watches. Do they have any additional/hidden charges? They may charge over the odds for posting the item (for instance) to bulk up their profits. Do they offer you the fullest range of mobile phone watches possible? Can they provide you with a full range spares and accessories? Be sure to bear in mind all of these considerations when making your purchase (wherever it may be from!)
Q. What is the GoToGadgets affiliate scheme that I've read about?
A. All purchases for this site are handled by our parent site - On this site, we've started an affiliate scheme (used in conjunction with where if you link to our products from your site, you can earn commission on every product that is sold (the best part is that it doesn't have to be the product you recommend). Please take a look at the affiliate help page located here for more information

All transactions are fully secured and we accept all major credit cards, cheques and PayPal!

All transactions are fully secured. We accept all major credit cards, cheques and now PayPal!

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